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Beyonce and Jay Z SPICE UP Grammys With ‘Drunk In Love’ [Video]

grammysEverybody loves The Carters!

Beyoncé and husband, Jay Z  kicked off the 2014 Grammys Awards with a  hot and steamy “Drunk In Love” performance.

Usually Beyoncé is flying from ceilings, accompanied by dancers, performing with a live band, etc., but tonight, she kept it intimate and simple.  It was just her and her man.

Although this performance wasn’t your ‘typical’ Beyoncé performance, I did get googly-eyed watching a few parts. 1. Watching Beyoncé’s perfectly toned body in that uber hot sequin and sheer assemble. She WERKED it! [Is it too much to ask for a toned body like Bey!? Sheesh...] And 2. when Jay Z came out, it excited the audience all over again. Obviously, we love any chance to watch the former private couple interact in public...

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It’s Grammy Time: Beyonce and Jay Z are Front Row + the Power Couple to Perform TOGETHER?! [Spill Inside...]

Seating ChartMr. and Mrs. Carter will be in attendance at the 2014 Grammy Awards Show. [I predict they will leave with new ones to add to their stashes.]

Not only are Beyoncé and Jay Z’s seated front row and center, but word on the curb is that the couple is expected to perform…Together!? [Wouldn't that be awesome!?] 

Guess what?...

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[Sneak Peek] Oprah’s Next Chapter: Beyonce Opens Up About Jay: “I would not be the woman I am, if I did not go home to that man.”

I don’t know about you, but I am GEEKED that we are only ONE DAY away from seeing Beyonce on Oprah’s Next Chapter (followed by her HBO Documentary: Life Is But A Dream)!

What I am beginning to enjoy about Beyonce in 2013 is her willingness to open up and show us more of a personable, human side! There is beauty in feeling that you can relate & connect to someone you admire. (I know this because I STAN shamelessly for Brandy THEE Norwood…sorry:D)

In Bey’s sit down with Oprah, she talks about her relationship with Jigga Man. She says she wouldn’t be the woman she is if she didn’t go home to that man! Yasss! That’s Love! Check it out below!

“I would not be the woman I am, if I did not go home to that man. And it just gives me such a foundation...

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FINALLY! It’s been a little over a year since Jay-Z and Beyonce welcomed their first child together into the world, Blue Ivy! And boy, did they make us feel so unworthy to see their pride and joy! Finally after pledging us, and hazing us by covering Blue Ivy’s face, releasing profile and back-of-the-head shots, the couple finally feels at peace sharing her beautiful face with us! Party People, BLUE IVY!!

Isn’t she a PERFECT mix of her Mommy and Daddy!? Just BEAUTIFUL!!  This slams all of the stupid rumors that Bey used a surrogate.

This is DEFINITELY the offspring of Mr. & Mrs. Carter. ANY QUESTIONS?! (more…)

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Lover’s Land: Hot Couples At the 55th Grammy Award Show! Beyonce, Jay-Z, Amber Rose, Wiz, John Legend & MORE!

couplesWatching the Grammys is always a great excuse to see Hollywood’s cutest coupled dressed to kill….This year was no different. Check out the Lovers that were in the building!

Wiz and Amb...

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Favorite 2013 Grammy Performances : Justin Timberlake ‘Suit & Time” And “Pusher Love Girl” [Video]

Photo via MTV

Photo via MTV

Justin Timberlake had everyone in the palm of his hand during his 2013 Grammy Performance! This was by far my favorite performance of the night!

Just when me and my Twitter TL started to become bored with the Grammy’s, Justin TImberlake was introduced to the stage by Beyonce and Ellen! And boy did he dazzle us!

We haven’t heard from JT in a while, but it’s clear  his “hitaus” was no chill session. Last night Justin WOWed the Grammy’s with his  performances of new single “Suit & Tie” (which features Jay-Z) and “Pusher Love Girl”.  The Brotha has soul! The band was on point….and the world can’t WAIT for his album to drop!

Check out the pics and...

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Beyonce and Jay Z Lose The Bid To Copyright Blue Ivy’s Name

Jay and Bey tried to copyright their daughter Blue Ivy‘s name to prohibit potential use of the name being used for production and distribution of a line of baby clothes or products. But it was disappointing news for the parents. Unfortunately a Boston event planning company has been using the name since 2009 so they couldn’t copyright it.
I googled this company and came across their website. I was a bit taken back to see a picture of Jay-Z and Beyonce on their homepage with the caption:
“CONGRATS to our SOUL MATE couple with Baby Blue Ivy!!!”


If I were Beyonce or Jay-Z, I would feel some type of way about this company having MY picture on their homepage...
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BEYONCE and JAY-Z Plans Party For President Obama At 40/40 Club

The power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce will host Barack Obama at Jay’s 40/40 Club next week. Party! The president is stopping by for a dinner, where Page Six reports he’ll be joined by 100 friends who will have each paid $40,000 for the honor. Yes, $40,000!

The couple’s friendship with the First Family goes all the way back to the president’s inauguration.
A week ago, President Obama appeared in a video clip which opened Jay-Z’s set at the Made In America festival in Philadelphia.


And Beyonce wrote a letter singing Michelle’s praises on her blog, which went viral. She’s now featured in a campaign video  reading the letter. 


Michelle Obama  hosted a March Fundraiser and of course, Bey attended with both her mother, Ms...

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