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FINALLY! It’s been a little over a year since Jay-Z and Beyonce welcomed their first child together into the world, Blue Ivy! And boy, did they make us feel so unworthy to see their pride and joy! Finally after pledging us, and hazing us by covering Blue Ivy’s face, releasing profile and back-of-the-head shots, the couple finally feels at peace sharing her beautiful face with us! Party People, BLUE IVY!!

Isn’t she a PERFECT mix of her Mommy and Daddy!? Just BEAUTIFUL!!  This slams all of the stupid rumors that Bey used a surrogate.

This is DEFINITELY the offspring of Mr. & Mrs. Carter. ANY QUESTIONS?! (more…)

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Beyonce and Jay Z Lose The Bid To Copyright Blue Ivy’s Name

Jay and Bey tried to copyright their daughter Blue Ivy‘s name to prohibit potential use of the name being used for production and distribution of a line of baby clothes or products. But it was disappointing news for the parents. Unfortunately a Boston event planning company has been using the name since 2009 so they couldn’t copyright it.
I googled this company and came across their website. I was a bit taken back to see a picture of Jay-Z and Beyonce on their homepage with the caption:
“CONGRATS to our SOUL MATE couple with Baby Blue Ivy!!!”


If I were Beyonce or Jay-Z, I would feel some type of way about this company having MY picture on their homepage...
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Beyonce Celebrates Bday In France With Jay & Blue Ivy [PICTURES]

The Baddest Bey spent her 31st birthday on a private yacht sailing in the south of France with two of her favorite people, Hubby, Jay Z, and daugther, Blue Ivy…

That evening Bey and Jay slipped off to have a romantic birthday dinner at Michelangelo. I don’t know who was lucky enough to land the job to be evening babysitter to Princess B.Ivy….but what an amazing look that is on a resume! Kamia White, Babysitter of Blue Ivy Carter, Offspring of Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles (thee Beyonce).  I’d get any job in Amercian! ha!

 Blue Ivy has cheeks for days! Cute!

And what’s a birthday without a glass of White wine.

She is a pretty little baby!


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Beyonce Loves Her Some Jay Z + Bey’s NEW Blue Ivy Diamond Necklace!

Beyonce let’s us see some of her fun, ‘lovey dovey’ candids on her personal Tumblr page….
Chile Blue Ivy’s Mama loves her some Mr. Carter…

Check out Beyonce rocking her ROCK…throwing up the ROC!

The power couple!

Beyonce gets a diamond necklace with Blue Ivy’s name in bolded, captialized letters…SO SWEET!


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Beyonce Spotted Holding Her Uncovered 7 Month Old BLUE IVY! {PICTURES]

It’s been 6 months since Beyonce and Jay Z gave the public a look at their new bundle of joy, Blue Ivy on a tumblr page. Since then, the couple has been out several times with their daughter, but she is always covered up. Today, Beyonce was spotted with her baby in Manhattan going to shop. Like always, she tried to hide Baby Blue’s face from the cameras.

Once Bey got inside, and away from the cameras (Or so she thought) she took the blanket from over Blue’s head.

And while she shopped, someone was able to get a picture of her and her little angel…. in her arms,  uncovered!! Someone might get fired today…
Well here she is, Miss Blue Ivy….A healthy, beautiful baby girl! Wouldn’t you just tear those chubby cheeks up!! Aw!

Our first look at One Month Old Baby Blue…...

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